Friday, April 24, 2020

Time's Perspective

Tree Wisdom Cards ~ Regrets

Sometimes we can't know what we'd regret until long past the time to have made the decision about it.

I regret not knowing Rob while he was still serving in 'Nam. Letters are important to soldiers and I was a good letter writer. And we'd have built a different basis for our early relationship.

I regret not taking nurses training. I would have been a good one, and even considered joining the service in order to take advantage of their schooling opportunities. But no, a grandfather dissuaded me with an argument I didn't even understand.

But I can live with those regrets, I've managed to work alternatives into my life and pretty much arrived at the same place. But it's interesting, the perspective time gives us. 


  1. I regret many choices I made in the past and opportunities not taken, but I don't regret where I am today.

  2. Your word of the year. Perspective.
    Take a look-see from different positions around the issue.


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