Saturday, April 18, 2020

Trajectory Toward The Light

Di Vinci Tarot ~ 8 of Wands/Fire
Dimmi: Where are you aiming your intentions? 

Informed or unformed enthusiasm? Quite a big question in this eerie time of Covid. Our vital information comes to us from sources not to be trusted, always taken with a pound of salt. Only in retrospect will we learn what we should have and shouldn't have done.

I've stepped back from increasingly erratic and ill-formed social media interactions in my quilting groups, reinforcing my two hours max on-line.
I've finished and distributed locally seven dozen masks. Soon regular ones will be in every mini-mart and lemonade stand, no problem.
I've dived into a deep study of Lenormand cards...the subject isn't as deep as the history and symbology of tarot, but a fun project.
We've now fully integrated our little chicks into the remaining three from the old group. In two or three months we will have fresh eggs!
We celebrated the birth of triplets with friends in Australia!

The world will go on, dark or light. My trajectory aims to keep my personal world in the light. 

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  1. I'm holding a lantern with you. (And grateful for the masks you shared with us!)


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