Thursday, April 2, 2020

When We Rebuild

Peanuts Tarot ~ Tower

In 1966 Snoopy lost all his possessions the night his iconic home burned. For weeks we worked through his grief and loss with him. The shock of hearing the insurance company wouldn't pay, said his premiums had lapsed...even though he'd faithfully sent in his can of dog food every month. Lucy swore it was because he was being punished for his sins. Snoopy's response was a resounding "BLEAH! Followed by the thought bubble "her kind deserves to be Bleahed".

His home was eventually rebuilt. The same but irrevocably altered. Because that is what a Tower moment is and does. It changes us; when we rebuild from Covid let it be for the better. 


  1. Every nail and bit of mortar used for rebuilding has a gram of gratitude within it.

  2. The scuttle is now with the virus, insurance rates will skyrocket next year. Lots will have to let health insurance lapse, and then what?


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