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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

122 Years

I Ching ~ Hexagram 53 Chien Gradual Progress

Line 1: Self development is often tinged with anxiety and doubt.
Line 2: Fast development can spawn carelessness and selfishness.
Line 3: Avoid rash action, work toward centering and balance.
Line 4: Yield to circumstances outside our control.
Line 5: Endure misunderstandings, stay to the path.
Line 6: Hold to the truth and gain the world.

Jeane Louise Calment 1885-1997. From France, she has the oldest documented lifespan. I said a few days ago I was old. I'm not, I just felt old and tired and disgusted. If I knew I was going to live to 122, what would I be doing different starting today, because none can change the past?
I'd certainly be far too young to be retired. I'd certainly have time to go to college and build a new career path. We could fully invest in a home for our later years, knowing we'd be living in it, rather than 'we might be dead next week, so planning is a maybe thing'. Fun thinks for today.


  1. 122 years old. We would barely be passed the half way mark. Instead of dwindling days we would think how much more we could do.

    1. Usually we tend to think 'what would I do different if I had to do it over', but don't think I've ever thought about if 'what if I had another 60 years to go..." it really has been food for thought.

  2. `I have been doing a lot of looking back, regrets over stuff I didn't do, but not depressing me, just a look back and many I wish I's. I am also weeding out of stuff we don't use. Why waste space? This house is big for a downsizing cutting back home. I just wish it had another bedroom. Okay time for supper, please keep Robert in prayer or thoughts.


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