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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Process Of Acceptance

I Ching ~ Hexagram 7 Shih Discipline

Line 1: Be sure the cause is just
Line 2: Remind yourself of the wisdom of this path
Line 3: Discipline the ego
Line 4: Disengage from inferior paths
Line 5: Evil comes back into the open
Line 6: There is victory in modesty and humbleness

I lost something. I've been turning over the house for two weeks hunting. I had it in my hands just before the hunt began. It's loss affected me in a number of ways, but mostly in the end, sheer stubbornness was prevailing. Yesterday I picked a substitute, Got over the loss, and myself. Peace immediately prevailed. How easy was that? But without the process of acceptance I'd have never been satisfied. 


  1. A - acknowledge that we're not receptive
    C - be compassionate with oneself
    C - investigate with curiosity
    E - examine your mental loops, look for evidence
    P - acceptance is a process; catching yourself and reemerging from your mental loops is what's important
    T - thankfulness helps us get unstuck emotionally and pay attention to the goodness, joy and beauty around us

    (What I shared with my ladies.)

    1. your ladies are very fortunate to have you at their side.

  2. Now once you let go of the need to find, it will appear. Elusive when we try so hard.

    1. I know. it was so perfect, but once I let go other options flowed to fill the need :) We've both looked so hard though, even though it is seemingly impossible to have happened in the back of my mind I'm wondering it it got wrapped up in the quilt tops I took the the machine quilter. Too stubborn to ask...

  3. Thins often just "disappear" around here. This morning we searched high and low for David's watch. We found it - on his wrist! Proved that when something is so familiar we tend to miss it.


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