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Friday, May 29, 2020

Turn A Deaf Ear

Majestic Earth Tarot ~ 6 of Wands Trees

"Crowned with purpose and grand expectations" Hinkle. She sees this image as a bystander hailing the parade leader with praise. My eye sees a citizen cursing horsemen for trampling his garden space.

It all depends on whose viewpoint doesn't it? Politics, religion, sky color... yours or mine? Never "our". It doesn't have to be a war of words and actions and ideals, we could simply agree to disagree, but that doesn't seem possible.  Can a country break a heart? Mine, yes.

The Departure 1837 Thomas Cole 1801-1848. Another young death, wonder how it would have painted it at 75? As an American he would have had experience of the Civil War and the personal and physical devastation it left behind. No one worthy of parades there.


  1. How about a parade for a war that was averted? I'd be at that one. :)

  2. No group dropping bombs or shooting guns at another group?

  3. Watching the escalating protests around country, I keep thinking about your blog post a bit back wondering when the riots would begin.

    1. Images of Rodney King being bricked by white men will never leave my retinas.


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