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Sunday, June 28, 2020


Wild Moon Lunar Phase Deck ~ First Quarter Moon

If you see the moon tonight, also called the Half Moon, will it be light on the left or the right? It depends on where you live on Earth, but it reminds me of how divided my country is, we can't even agree if anyone is sick or not, if those deaths are a hoax, if 600,000 people dying each year from cancer is more important, the 36,000 traffic deaths on our highways, the 90 US military deaths in 2020.

Is our glass half full or half empty. We will never even agree on that. 


  1. The World was supposed to take a time out, and we didn't. When we don't learn the lesson, the lesson will/is going to get harder.

    1. Assuredly. So many people haven't had time out though, and if still not touched by covid I can see how they'd have a hard time believing time out is even necessary if they lean toward that line.


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