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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Ignite Some Passion

Grand Etteilla Tarot ~ #2 Enlightenment Passion

Another title Etteilla settled on this card is Hiram's Freemasonry. A search brings this "Hiram Abif was most probably selected by the King of Tyre to be sent to Solomon as a skillful artificer of preeminent skill that he might execute the principal works in the interior of the Temple and fabricate the various utensils intended for the sacred services.".

A person at the top of his game given a job of a lifetime, the results of which are designs still used and to be spoken of with reverence down through history. Even given twice the allotted lifetime of 122 years, most of us regardless of passion or skill or enlightenment will never get to this point. The world would be a pretty boring place if we did, what would we aspire to if everyone could do it?

I need the smarties to inspire me. To ignite some passion. To learn something new. 

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  1. And thank goodness for the skilled writers and teachers who can help me understand!


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