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Monday, June 1, 2020


Grand Etteilla Tarot ~ #68 Home/Games of Chance

"A  good time to buy a house or search home for a treasure."
Time, distance, need, age, it all makes a difference in what we see as treasure doesn't it? A lot of what I consider treasures left my home yesterday with my niece and nephew. Papers, journals, drawings, art work. From when they were 2 to 8 years old. Their grandmother's journals and writings,written in her 80's. Her photography she considered good enough to frame and hang. The last of her furniture. The big book of their grandfather's life, assembled after his death. The family genealogy records. Some of my teapots and a child's china set from the 1950's. Two quilts to wrap them with love.

Will they stay family treasures? Or just be stuff? I'll never know and it isn't any of my business how they end up. But I do feel a little emptier this morning. I think I'll go and hug a few chickens, listen to their chat, put things in perspective. 


  1. Those treasures contain stories that connect them to their people. I think they'll be considered more than 'stuff.' :)

  2. Family treasures now shared. You know they have a destination and hopefully travel through more generations and not tossed at the end of the curb at the end of your 122 years.

  3. I am sure that they will be good custodians of them. I have been scanning some old, 1950s, photographs - no more than "snaps" for one of my cousin's daughters. I suddenly thought though. I don't need these and so I will be popping them in an envelope and sending them to her mother. I hope she will have a good giggle at the fashion and hairstyles!


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