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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

My Own Music

Etruscan Tarot ~ Magician

"He dances for himself". Don't think 'taking selfies' is the same thing. 

Has it been bit by nibble by byte by kilobyte by megabyte as we release everything about ourselves out into the wild that we've lost who we are?  When did dancing for our self go extinct? It is an important part of what and who we are, our Self. And not just because the world doesn't care, they don't take in all that exposure, treasure it, it flows over like muddy water, barely registering, yet the river of pointless useless images flows on. Many people have died taking selfies...rather than looking at what is so impressive behind them, they have their back to it, their big mindless heads in the viewfinder. What does that say about our society? 

I could say the same about Quirkeries. I dance for myself here, yet it is open for public. Why don't I make it private? Something I ponder my mind and fingers move to my own music, making words. 


  1. If you had made it private, I'd never have gotten to know you on a level that a forum doesn't provide. And for that I'm grateful!

  2. I heard the song "Walk Like an Egyptian" yesterday. It got me on my feet for a 'bit' of boogey woogey.

    1. I can't Not move my chin back and forth when I hear that song :) It's probably good exercise!


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