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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Pick It Up

Etruscan Tarot ~ 5 of Coins

This boy is gleaning olives. 

A time honored way of getting something you can't afford to buy. Can also be a 6 of Coins card for the landowner. Often the job given to the younger children, being closer to the ground. I've gleaned neighbors apples and late raspberries and strawberries as a kid. Rob's dad supplemented his mother's depression era larder with gleaned plums. My mother was allowed to sell the eggs she could find under shrubs. My uncle said they were so poor he was sent into the fields in the winter to glean the wool from dead sheep. The biblical Ruth gleaned grain in the field of her future husband, Boaz. My dachshunds are champion pre-gleaners, eating fresh string beans off the plant and pulling young carrots up, they loves themselves some fresh veg!

Gleaned items are generally bruised, culls, maybe not quite so fresh, you might have to fight yellow-jackets for it. When you are hungry, don't disdain's on the ground, pick it up, fill the tummy. 


  1. We were poor as children and we grabbed the fallen apples and the green beans with sun-burnt spots. An ear of corn here and there. Nothing more delicious than fresh picked, from the vine sugar snap peas.

    1. I hate peas in all forms, but were I hungry I promise I'd gather them with relish ;)

  2. We rented a house on a farm when I was a girl. They often granted us the second harvest before plowing under the fields. Made us feel rich!


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