Thursday, October 15, 2020

A Fool And Her Money

 Wilderwoven Tarot ~ Page of Coins

To keep my brain nimble and occupied I've been deep researching stocks again. Which bumps me back to Page territory, where I was when I first began this particular foray in the late nineties. Now  looking at long term consistent dividend payers. I've always set to reinvest, the easiest most painless way to get more of a good stock. Except when a good stock splits, that is always a Star day in my book. Painful Page stumbles? 

Crocs. I bought it because it seemed like every nurse in the cancer unit seemed to be wearing them. Bought $500.00 worth at $58.00 a share in 2007. The next year it dropped to $2.00 and in the long long intervening years has only recently gotten into the $40.00 range. Now it has Bieber fever. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. My lesson? If it is something that can be a knockoff in the Dollar Store in six months keep your money in your pocket. Maybe it was part of the 'total global 2008 meltdown' but mostly it was me, not Paging it through. 


  1. That Page learns from his mistakes as much from his successes. :)

    1. when I think about your words, I realize that's key isn't it? I've also learned from experience never buy what you don't understand our use yourself. Or jump on something because Motley Fool is promoting it. Oh, never that....


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