Monday, October 19, 2020

Couldn't Hurt

 Wild Medicine Deck ~ Elder

Tea, syrup, tincture, decoction. Treating cuts and abrasions, and internally for cold and flu season immunity. Our ancient herbalists, when they found a working tool, they applied it to more than one task. I like that. 

As a avid quilter, you can image I have many tools at hand. The right tool for the right job makes a whole project easier and better. People who market to quilters recognize that and continually come out with new and improved. Which often translates to not as well made but prettier colors. I welcome the new ideas for applications, but if I can get it at the hardware store it will be better made, and less expensive. A lot less expensive. 

In these truly weird times when my mind alternates between grasping at all straws and refusing to consider any advice at all. I'm thinking about the ancient herbal remedies. If I had some Elder tea, I'd drink it. Couldn't hurt. But we also had our modern flu shots this week. All bases covered.


  1. My laugh for this morning: Trump told folks that if Biden was elected, he would listen to scientists. :D

    1. and an aide put him down as 'Mr. Rogers'. Mr. Roger and Dr Fauci, a match for the times, soothes me just to think of it

  2. Ounce of prevention. Getting my flu shot this week. May pick up some elderberry syrup as a hedge for upcoming, whatever.


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