Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Gout And Warts Oh My!

 Wild Medicine Deck ~ Mullein

Cramps, cough, gout, warts. Well that should get me through life. So far no warts other than mental, but the other three, oh yeah. Did you know gout can be a side effect of surgery? As if healing from that isn't enough to cope with. Gout is owie owie owie.

That said, when we were doing our sideline of cut flower sales a nursery owner advised me that Mullein would be good for big displays. I often made up big lobby type bouquets. I swallowed the idea without checking and bought three starts, the days of standing in a field and looking something up on a hand held device were far off.  

Turns out mullein grows by the side of the road everywhere here, which I realized when they started showing their growth. And they spread and spread and spread some more. I think it was about five years before I got it all gone. But I still admire them by the side of the road, and now I will think about getting some again...only in pill form. Leaving nature to nature and science to me. I have found being prepared for something often insures it doesn't happen. 

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  1. I love mullein's soft leaves. Never used it as an herbal remedy though.


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