Sunday, October 4, 2020

Lookie Lookie Song

5¢ Tarot ~ Page of Swords/Needles

Depicted as a rooster, boastfulness and a tendency to crow is suggested. Roosters can be all that and more, rough and abusive, noisy, sometimes downright dangerous. On the other hand the three we've had, Peanut, Rudy, and now Rusty Boy have been a treat. They work hard, have quite a language of sounds or commands, and are an absolute pleasure to watch work. 

There are worse creatures to model our own life after. A rooster tends his personal flock, pointing out the tastiest tidbit with a charming footy dance and special come here, lookie lookie song. He does his manly duty to all, never tearing out neck feathers or making his hens wings sore. Keeps his eye to the sky for sudden danger and when he says, the girls run for safety. I have yet to ever see a rooster on the nod during the day time, even if all the girls are taking a snooze. 

It is just coming dawn now, and Rusty Boy is suggesting I get a move on with my day. I hope to be as productive as he is. And he'd make a good president. 


  1. Sounds like Rusty and the others serve their hens well - a great president indeed!

  2. Something to "crow about"
    Sorry, couldn't help myself

  3. Makes me want to be around a flock of chickens for a while. I'd like to witness a rooster doing his job well. -Kate


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