Wednesday, October 21, 2020


 Wild Medicine Deck ~ Marshmallow

Marsha Mallow. Marshall Mallow. Believe it or not, suggestions to name my brother and me from the hospital nurses. Real funny. With a last name like Mallow, marshmallow was the automatic nick-moniker bestowed on us. I didn't mind, could have been dummy or clumsy, or dumpy, or sneezy, or bashful. In high school it became Ma-loo after a new teacher's mispronunciation. It's all good, just call me, right? 

On the dark side, during the Spanish Inquisition, if you weren't Catholic you were likely be tortured to death. People painted mallow sap on their bodies in hopes it's healing properties would help them survive. Not likely, difficult if not impossible to survive religious fanatics with a king or president whipping them into a frenzy. Humans. We've learned nothing.

Mallow was one more plant I tried for cut flowers, also still trying to kill it out some twenty years later. Hard to believe a marshmallow crop could be destroyed...but take a look at this. Poor North Carolina farmers...the tragedy starts about 25 seconds into the film. 


  1. Marshmallows on trees, hysterical. A great advertising ploy for the company.

    1. I'm so naive I believe it for awhile, then I went back and looked at the date :)


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