Thursday, October 22, 2020

Sock With A Knot

 Wild Medicine Deck ~ Pipsissewa

Never heard of it, had to look it up of course. Depending on what or who you believe, it is good for kidney and bladder infections, or, there is no good scientific evidence to support any of its uses.

The old two sides of the story, which confuses us, makes us have to think. Maybe alter our mindless behavior... I went to bed last night so angry I could hardly breathe. We are camping and next to us is a nice family of seven, new here from Ohio, house hunting. In a very tiny trailer. They got one of the kids a small young dog, perhaps because he was the most fragile about the move. But no training for dog ownership and it is a disaster. He runs dragging it on it's leash, jerks it along when it is trying to do it's business, and last night he kicked it in the stomach and hit it on the hip with a large stick. So I exploded out of the 5th Wheel and rained anger on him. 

In the night I thought about all the times as an adult I wished I'd had a mentor. And how over the years I've learned the basics of dog training. Start small, lots of praise and tiny treats for good behavior. If I see that young man I'm going to ask if I can talk to him for a few minutes, and make a couple of suggestions. Starting with a gift baggie of cat food (tiny, dry, easy to carry in a pocket so it's quick to hand for good behavior) and suggest an old sock with a knot in the middle. Easy for a little dog to get his teeth into for pull games, light to carry for fetch, playable in a confined area or large outdoor space. I can but try. 


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