Wednesday, November 25, 2020


 I Ching Tarot ~ Hexagram 57

Wind over Wind. This hexagram suggests small puffs for quick change. Sustained winds require bigger rearrangements. And in Tao manner, always with gentle thought, truth forefront. 

Life changes, just like wind direction. I believe the very basis of Tao is bend, don't snap. I've made a number of changes this year, tiny and long term both. Mostly driven to it because I felt I was at the breaking point. That brittleness is hard to live with, harder to sustain. Better that I bent. It is a shame humans hate change so isn't bad once you get off your (Y) and start. Little bites at a time. Baby steps. 


  1. Saw a sign today that said the only people who like changes are babies in wet nappies. :D

  2. Small gradual changes stick. (For me). Big drastic self-instigated ones usually don't; at the least, even when they do, they're more painful. -Kate


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