Tuesday, November 3, 2020


 Materia Prima Deck ~ Iridium 77 Ir

One of the rarest Elements on earth, scientists have contemplated this thin Element that coats the earth's crust does not occur naturally but came from outside our solar system...deposited when the meteor that likely caused the big bang occurred. Because of its non-corrosive properties and high melting point you and I would find it in our pen tips and spark plug points. 

Seems a waste for something so exotic. Yet fitting, there is a tiny little bit so we use it in tiny little things. I can live with that, along with the use it up wear it out philosophy. What else would it be doing but lying there thinking how did I get here?


  1. Makes me wonder why pens and sparkplugs are relatively cheap when this is such a rare resource.

  2. A thought I have had from time to time through life, "how did I get here?"

  3. I daily ask myself - who am I? why am I here? generaly when I can't remember why I went into a particular room to look for something...................

    1. our personal version of the Hereafter. What am I here after?
      In the movie Dances with Wolves the grizzled old teamster says, upon viewing a skeleton on the side of the road "some poor soul in Boston is wondering "now why don't they write"? which is what I was thinking of with that final line :)


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