Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Giving In To Thunder

 I Ching Tarot ~ Hexagram 51

Thunder over Thunder! Sounds exciting. What it means is we've been guided by ego, and honor has dwindled to nothing. The heart has faded; whipped and encouraged by invective the mind runs on autopilot, thinking only of yesterday. 

I speak for myself, knowing it can take years to clean up that kind of life mess. Enlightenment can be painful. Especially when I was right and they were wrong still lingers. And the world rolls on by and we willingly bathe in the thunder until one day we realize we are the only ones suffocating in the lava. The world doesn't care, and we only have one individual life, and wasting it on thunder which produces nothing is sad beyond sad. 

Carpola happens. Get over it. I wonder just how many times I've murmured Let It Go. Millions. Because I know it works. Eventually. 

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