Sunday, November 1, 2020

Smash And Grab

 Materia Prima ~ Titanium Ti 22

A week with the Elements, the basis of the world. Chemistry anyone? My brain is ever ready to scoop information, on the minus side the scoop is a sieve. I recently read a whole book on the Elements, hardly remember any of it, but it's why I backed this deck. 84 beautiful cards, paper, a book without a spine. Elements?  Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen (C, H and O).

My scoop says Titanium was discovered by William Gregor, 1791, and the name is derived from the Titans. It is an allotrope, a new word learned this morning, the sieve has already almost lost what it means. 

A primary element in missiles. With a madman at the wheel, willing to smash and grab. I could use some Titanium allotroped into my brain, it is on deep vibrate this week nearing the breaking point; I hope for peace, I expect smash. 


  1. My brain has been online trying to sign up for health care 2021. Stressful for my brain and body, as I don't want to make any mistakes. I will assume it will still be available. :)

    1. you'll shortly know, it is before the new and unimproved supreme court this month. You should be able to sign up for coverage, I'm hoping the insurers will abide by whatever contract we've signed for the year. It's all about me after all :) and I will need surgery.

    2. Oh My! I have that to look forward to in the next week.


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