Saturday, November 7, 2020

Water Burns

 Materia Prima Deck ~ Rubidium 37 Rb

In liquid form, if you've had a PET scan you've used this Element. Not something you want sitting around the house, it combusts spontaneously when exposed to air, and when combined with water, burns. In fireworks, the pretty purple. 

Bit like people. We have our triggers, and woosh...we are on fire, taking down friends and foe on the way. None of it necessary, I think humans just prefer to take sides, puff up our personal preferences, and everyone else is dumb as a door knob. Pity, that.


  1. I am learning all kinds of things about the elements - your blog is way more interesting than Chemistry class was. :)

  2. maybe your teacher wasn't interested. In my little school, poor, teachers had to teach several subjects. I remember my biology teacher, whose sole goal in life was to be football coach, told us he got a D in that subject, but there he was...teaching.

  3. We never win making another wrong.

  4. My, what a dark and dismal-looking deck! - Kate

    1. Oh my gosh, you should see them in hand. buttery linen stock, gold accents throughout, I wish every deck I owned was this stunning ;)
      And the flowers on your blog this week were a spirit lifter extraordinaire!


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