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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

You Aren't A Guest

 I Ching Tarot ~ Hexagram 26

The companion book with this deck indicates mountain over heaven hexagram is the choice between moving back home or powering through hard times. Being given a fish or learning to fish.  

We powered though, but we were a long way from anyone we could have moved in with, and we had a mortgage, not an investment we were willing to walk away from. So Rob worked all the overtime he could get and I worked two jobs and we lived close to the bone. 

That is  no brag, I don't ever want to rub up against those times again. I only wish the best to those facing the move in with someone else decision, in these Covid times. And the only advice I can offer is, you aren't a guest. Pitch in, everywhere, without being asked. 


  1. I can't imagine not pitching in if I had to move in with someone; it would make the guilt much easier to bear if I was pulling my weight. Learning to live close to the bone is something everyone should learn how to do.

    1. We've had at least a dozen long term 'guests' over the years, several for more than a year. Those few were working hard to pull themselves up. The rest...thought they were guests.

    2. I have been there. Scraped and pinched and got through. And I remind myself if things change enough, I may have to again. Oh my!

  2. I started training my niece Miranda at an early age, to prepare for us moving in with her in her old age. When we went around town I'd point to a house and say that would be big enough for all of us and so on. At about 16 she announced she was only going to have a very small house, very small :) Now at 40-ish she has never had a house at all. So much for family planning long term...


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