Thursday, December 3, 2020

Free Meat

 Oracle of the Dreamtime ~ Seal

Like our American buffalo herds, the Australian fur seals at Seal Rock are slaughtered and gone. Sometimes  the environmentalists go too far but if humans don't have some kind of check, they also go too far. 

Rob is licensed to carry, as are many members of my family. We don't hunt anymore, the nothing matters blood lust of Rob's war years passed, and we figured out shouting "free meat" was just an excuse to kill. Nothing free about all the licensing and equipment and time off work associated with that little bit of free meat. 

I guess this is one of my sub-soapboxes, if I raise a spear or pistol it will be to protect my personal body, I'll be no ones free meat or fur coat.


  1. Taking a deer for a rack to put on one's wall seems cruel, but I get hunting that feeds the family.

  2. There was an report somewhere along the line just recently that stated the places the hunters take their carcasses/kills to is backlogged and has a year waiting list. So hunters have to schedule their deer kill to be dressed out a year in advance. Lots of so called naturalist. Ugg

    1. that may be true. We always dressed our own, we grew up on farms and harvesting chickens and cattle was the norm.It is another day's work, and if you don't have the proper cool room the meat can be lost before you get to it.


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