Friday, December 4, 2020

In The Line

 Oracle of the Dreamtime ~ Sun

Perpetual motion, journey. Today we are on the road, unusual for us, but it may result in the new family member we are ready to welcome into our life. 

Many animals have been given up because of Covid, either their owner has died from it or jobs and consequently, homes have been lost. 

Still debating even getting the vaccine? See where you stand in line in this article...after the rich and famous get theirs of course. We are low on the trickle down path, but the good news is there are all those crash test dummies in front of us. 


  1. I was talking to a nurse the other day. I first met her fifteen years ago when her and husband were buying a home. She says unless hospital absolutely requires to get the covid vaccine she will not. I told her I was in a wait and see place, and specifically said what you said, the people with lots of money will jump to the head of the lines, and I will wait and see reports of those results.

  2. Hope you get to add a new family member. :)
    Glad they aren't rushing the vaccine as fast as Trump would have liked to roll it out. Otherwise it might be full of Clorox.


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