Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Tomorrow Never Comes

 Runic Tarot ~ 6 of Swords/Samhain

This card in this season suggests a healthier lifestyle. I could certainly use some movement beyond my beloved yoga. All hands raised, who has gained Covid Pounds? I've watched over the years as January 1 brings crowds into WW meetings, and probably AA and NA and all the rest of our addictive aversion therapies. All the endless New Year promises. 

I've found the best success in rejoining WW December 1, not an option this year, no classes here anymore. The best success at not making capital R Resolutions, but doing the best I can every day. Just being aware I guess. The distant auto parking, running up the stairs rather than plodding, going all the way around the yard rather than the end of the steps when the dogs go out. Small plates. I'd like to think those things have kept me to the Covid 10 rather than 15...Scarlett O'Hara says 'tomorrow is another day'. I say Begin again. With the today we've been given. 


  1. Since the pandemic, there have been lots of deaths and relapses in the recovery community. I'd say a few additional pounds aren't nearly as bad as some of the other choices people are making. I like your approach to adding small bits of extra exercise!

  2. Each day can be a bright new promise.
    You do all that grass cutting in the warmer months that will help trim off the extras.


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