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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Better Not Bitter

 Ananda Tarot ~ Knight of Cups

As Knights we begin to acknowledge there are forks in the road forward. I'm full of advice and criticism about the paths other people walk, particularly this past year, but who am I, who has often focused on paths that are destructive, hurtful, limiting, to judge?

I look back on the last thirty years as I've become more aware of alternatives and options for the high road or the low road. Or the safe road, which is seldom the most healthy direction. Looking inward has become my lifeline out of the strange year we've passed, hoping it is strong enough to carry me out the other side, better not bitter. Being a Knight of Cups is hard work. Being oblivious to my own faults will never be the answer though, only the easy one. 

My personal truth found this week? The only angels I believe in are Snow Angels. 

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