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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Trail Of Tears

 Greenwood Tarot ~ 10 of Wands

Potter has presented her 10 as carrying logs across ice. If we'd like to look at it as good news, there is a warming fire ahead and refuge is in view. We have options to shout good job well done and get on with life, or spend days at the fireside retelling our travails. Which are probably worth hearing, if for no other reason than a cautionary tale, story with a moral. 

Some of our worst experiences make for good storytelling, way down the road when time has left just the humorous bits, or parts that can be made funny. I've been reading the ancient tales of the Choctaw, tales of creation of the tribes, the great journey when they decided to travel east to new hunting grounds, how corn was presented to them, how man and woman came to be. A good portion of the stories as presented with humor. Not the Trail Of Tears ones, no, that bitter history is not told with smiles. Time has only enlarged the indelible stain on the government, the loss of life and land and culture. 10 of Wands indeed.


  1. Really finding your Greenwood deck beautiful, with its vibrant colours. And I take so much insight from your daily readings, the way you apply them to your own life and the world around you. -Kate

    1. you can print your own here, for your own use, with permission from Potter.
      Using the Greenwood and Songs For The Journey Home both electrify me.

  2. I remember stories much longer than bits of wisdom tossed out. Sometimes the tales are those of encouragement to persevere, other times they tell of big egos and disasters.

  3. Eventually the stories told and retold will be about when we actually had a choice.


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