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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Impropriety At The Top

 Ananda Tarot ~ Emperor and Star

I confess, I drew the Emperor, got my immediate visceral reaction, fanned again and drew the Star. Drawing the Emperor is the only card I ever have this reaction to, every other card is an interesting project toward greater understanding of my place in the world, today. Then I thought, I'll take the Emperor, if I can have Star...standard grade school team picking.

Power corrupts. I get that. The Emperors of the world will never be other than what they are, but I don't have to live my life that way. Ananda's Star suggests "within human existence we are given as many possibilities as we are given limitations". 

The joy I found, in the last 30 years of too many Tower events, has been forming and reforming my personal actions and attitudes toward having better tomorrows. I can't kick the (Y)'s of Emperors, but I can work on keeping the Star in my own orbit. Keep the black abyss that calls me at bay. 

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