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Wednesday, March 3, 2021


 Ananda Tarot ~ 2 of Cups

Connections. How tenuous do they need to be before you cut the tie? A better question, how does google factor it? Recently in a family emergency I couldn't find my aunt's email. I've puzzled over that, then discovered I also didn't have other aunts and cousins email addresses, even though I knew I did. 

Enter yesterday, and an email to a dear friend came back from mailer-daemon...Recipient address rejected: User does not exist. Quickly sorted, ancient address, delete it. Turns out with gmail that isn't as easy as it sounds unless you google how to do it, not very user friendly. 

Long story short I'm going through all those miles of hidden contacts, putting people I care about back in contacts from this no-man's-land, and deleting all those thousands? that I don't remember or had just the brief interaction with, or know to be defunct. Funny little job, but I have time today and it just feels like something I should do. 2 of Cups. Make them one in a million that matter rather than one of millions that do not.

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