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Sunday, March 7, 2021


 Tarot of the Spirit ~ Queen of Swords/Mother Wind

"Intellectual process completed, clarity and commitment now apply" Eakins. In the night when I'm not sleeping I'm now creating collages of paper. Probably because I'd written a 'letter to the editor' yesterday I was still wound up and thought of an image I'd discarded yesterday; 'I don't know anything about horses, I haven't had any real horse events in my life to draw from...' but in the night that image of wild horses filled my mind and the thought 'wild horses couldn't drag me wild horses couldn't make me'. Today I'll get that image back out and start that piece. 

All that said to say, sometimes our inner Queen thinks she knows everything there is to know, and doesn't. The value of having an open mind is unfurling possibilities and potentials. 

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