Saturday, May 8, 2021

Be My Own Arbiter

 Tarot of Little Secrets ~ 3 of Cups

Maybe today is a day to celebrate small things.

I'm glad I'm not 80 nor 18. I do appreciate who and what I am this day. 

Don't know if it is mental because I've had the shots or if it is the better weather = better attitude, but the covid weight gain is melting off rapidly.

I think after 10 years of trying to eliminate my chronic coughing fits I've whittled down to something that is working. Knock on wood. And it doesn't involve giving up my one morning cup of coffee or my one evening bit of chocolate. That was one doctor's suggestion and yes I did it for 6 months, along with the other 4 things he suggested, all to no avail. We have to be our own Sherlock in the end. 

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