Tuesday, May 11, 2021


 Victorian Fairy Tarot ~ Ace of Coins/Autumn

Both the beginning and the culmination. The root chakra of the suit. My earthly mind is having trouble settling today. So I spent some time at the big brown roll top desk. And made a Brown collage card. Based not on what the images represent but only their color. 

Wagon wheel painting wallpaper ceramic bird pottery Mona Lisa. And back to the hub of the wagon wheel. Does it teach me anything? I think so. If I'm running into the wall, go out the door. Reverse engineer my thought patterns. 

In the background now I have a video running on creativity and the elementals. In the background because she has my eyes rolling like window shades and I sincerely want to cross my arms across my chest. But I bet I'll learn something if I keep the door open. It may be brown for a few days...but there will be a seed that will attach to a thought, and open my mind a bit. I can live with that, and appreciate it. 

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