Monday, May 17, 2021

Ethical Conundrum

 Tarocco Piemontese ~ 9 of Coins

In order to have a very good day, sometimes we need to be careful how far we cast our net...not fair, but anyone who thinks life is fair needs a rethink. 

Yesterday was gorgeous so we scurried along, got our chores finished and drove down to the nursery to look for hollyhocks and delphiniums. Approaching, Rob said do we need to wear our masks? Humm. New CDC guidelines say no. Yet, Nine of the New York Yankee ball team have tested positive this past week, all are vaccinated. Proof the vaccination works, none have any symptoms at all. But. All can give it to someone not vaccinated and potentially kill them and their families. 

An ethical conundrum.  If someone refuses to get a freely available vaccination at this point, it is still my responsibility to mask? Just because I'm safe do I not need to continue to worry or care about anyone else? Do they get what they deserve? It took the shine off my 9 of Coins day. 


  1. I don't mask around my small group of friends and family. But if I'm out on public (where only 30% here have gotten vaccinated), I wear one.

  2. Conundrum, what a good word to define a question with too many answers.


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