Sunday, May 2, 2021

They Come To Us

 Tarot of Little Secrets ~ Devil

I've seen the enemy and the enemy is us. Spammers and scammers come to mind. I never answer my phone unless I'm expecting a specific call or have something running on Craigslist but the fact they exist still chaps me. 

An acquaintance said this week she answered one (showed ATT on the caller ID) that claimed to be from Amazon trying to cancel a fraudulent $500 purchase. She said she'd made no such purchase and asked for his personal line so she could call back and discuss further... he shouted she didn't need to use foul language (she hadn't) and that she was going to die of Covid for it. Now is that bizarre? 

She has had her shots but like the chain letters of old, it put a damper on her all week. Yes, we don't have to look for the devil, they come to us. 


  1. Yes indeed, they come to us and find us. I wonder what kind of negative imprint it leaves on those who do such unscrupulous work?

  2. I've had that same caller about Amazon, and dozens of others - some more believable than others.


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