Thursday, June 17, 2021

Assault Mouse Style

 Elements of Recovery ~ Powerlessness

Am I the mouse or the cat? Like everything else we aren't one dimensional, we are both. The ability to be invisible while going about life, to appear small and unobtrusive goes to our mouse side, the advantage of size, claws, speed, and dedication to objective goes to our cat side. We need both to survive, the problem comes when we overfeed one aspect. 

Coincidentally my collage card yesterday was based on the same idea, what am I feeding, the idea life is a cherry full of bowlies, or a savage assault.  I'm capable of both, know ignoring one for the other leads to disaster.  Balance...easier to say than do. 


  1. The irony is that whether we are mouse or cat, the same fate comes to all. I don't want to leave this earth being a meanie.

    1. we can be strong without being mean, compassion plays a big part in honing the strength within us.


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