Tuesday, June 15, 2021


 Elements of Recovery Deck ~ Inventory

If I were picked up by the scruff and dropped in a desert with only the shirt on my back what would my reaction be? Would I know to appreciate the shirt? What about a refugee camp? What about deep in the jungle? How about a mountain top? An Ice floe? 

Would what I fear or resent or curse sitting here in my cozy office make a blip on my consciousness? Hardly. My thinks for today will be what is my internal inventory to invoke in a situation where there is absolutely nothing to draw upon but me myself and I.


  1. Knowing what's in my mind and what's behind what motivates me can make me aware of the changes I need to work on. Not much fun sometimes, but it is a way I can eliminate much of my suffering.

    1. I expect it wouldn't take me long to 'peel the onion' mind.


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