Thursday, June 10, 2021

Druid Shoes

 Druidcraft Tarot ~ Knight/Prince of Cups

Bit of a fanciful helmet. Little is known about druids but I don't think they had helmets, let alone with plumes. Feather wad maybe. An ordained minister once told me most people base their biblical knowledge on christmas card art and advertisements. I believe it, we take the easy route to educating ourselves, from the book of Someone Told Me. 

Regardless, he might be following his heart, as Cups encourage us to do. Good for him. Although...quibble quibble, you'd think if they can fashion horse tack they could come up with serviceable shoes. 

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  1. I imagine they saved their iron for shields and swords. I've heard that leather armor was a thing later on with the Celts.


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