Sunday, June 13, 2021

Learning The Lesson

 Elements of Recovery Deck ~ Forgiveness

Resentment and revenge vs release. Big hurt/anger take time to process and my own experience of feeding the mad monkey mind anger loops for a year resulting in cancer is a cautionary tale. We can't hold that kind of pain without it affecting ourselves in multiple ways. 

I agree with the Elements book author, forgiveness doesn't mean "I forgive you". I've wiped that person from my life, what I've had to do is recognize the past can't be changed, what was done is done. What I can do is never put myself in a position that allows someone to have that kind of power over me.

It took as much effort to let it go, another year because I'd ingrained all that anger and resentment to run amuck, to consume me. Breaking those mental loops is Hard! So. Can't change the past. I lived. Don't allow it to happen again. Forgiveness, turns out it is all about me, not them. Only I can heal me. I can live with that lesson. 


  1. Anger is like acid reflux; it took me years to see that I was causing it, reliving those old stories.

  2. I sat across a table at lunch last week from a gal that I thought I knew. When she mentioned politics and all the immigrants coming across border, and I quote "they are going to overrun our country" like they were cockroaches. And to top off her rant she justified herself as being one of the chosen ones for the "coming rapture." I left nearly in a rage and realized that wasn't going to change anything. Me punishing me for her ignorance. We are a work in progress.

    1. it was a lot easier to connect when the rule of thumb was no politics, no religion... good for you for getting out with a real person though. ((()))


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