Wednesday, June 16, 2021


 Elements of Recovery Deck ~ Tolerance 

I had a stranger to stranger outing yesterday, dental appointment. Office staff masked and behind glass. Hygienist, X-ray tech, doctor, all in masks +face shields. As when I had my cataract surgeries, I asked the staff I came in real contact with how they fared during the shutdown. 

My hygienist said they'd been lucky to continue working, mostly running prescriptions from pharmacy to pick up, and that she'd had 3rd stage cancer and felt lucky she was able to get treatment.  The X-ray tech felt she should have been on unemployment because they made more money and masks were a personal affront on our freedom. That she remembered 9-11 and people got ridiculous then too...

How people chose to tolerate life is always interesting. 


  1. I guess that to allow people space for their opinions is a form of love and tolerance. I imagine being shaped by different conditions and situations gave rise to each of the dental folks' ideas.

    1. that is what I though, it was pleasant to have a discussion.


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