Tuesday, July 6, 2021


 I Ching Pack ~ Hexagram 55

Abundance. The author gives much weight to prosperity. But that is one of those things, if you've got it you don't think about it, if you don't it's all you think about. Abundance thinking is the healthier path. 

Some gratitude journal abundance recently...The pile of outdated CDs and DVDs that no longer work I've saved for years. Now sparkling on the new trees. Deer nibbler distractors. 

The free packet of larkspur Rob nursed along which are now blooming along the precious low rock drywall he built me. 

My nine year old banty hen Sugarbear is crowing. Softly perfectly! She had a very upsetting few days while we were away, perhaps her way of coping. 

My very first home grown ripe blueberry. Delicious! Abundance!


  1. I love those loudly singing wrens. They remind me I have plenty to sing about myself. Homegrown blueberries - yum!


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