Sunday, July 4, 2021

Cauldron Of Emotion

 I Ching Pack ~ Hexagram 50

Cauldron of Emotion. This hexagram works through the joy of a beautiful new cauldron, which then has its handles broken, which then no longer serves its purpose and in fact ruins its intended use.

Knowing when to let go of what no long serves. Knowing if it needs replaced or if it is just habit and the familiar we are holding on to. Recognizing we've changed and so have our needs.  Describes me to a T. I'm thinking I'd be pretty happy if I could back a truck up to the door and jettison a lot of my life. 


  1. Welcome back! Beautiful deck.
    The problem with jettison for me is thinking I no longer need something or someone, and then realizing later I made an emotional decision rather than a rational one.

  2. I hope your time out led to something(s) fun and interesting. Hopefully some place cooler than your regional area is experiencing. Your simplified travel is influencing your need to 'chuck the stuff' Even some of the broken stuff have good memories and need to be dusted and put back on the shelf.


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