Saturday, July 24, 2021


 Animism Tarot ~ Two of Coins

Cheung offers the kangaroo as an exemplar of the 2 of Coins, and says, in the ups and downs of life hold what is dear, lift it when it falls. 

We had a raider in the henhouse last night. We built a fortress, following every good idea we found on Backyard Chickens Forum. While our neighbors lost four henhouses full of hens to racoons, weasels, marmots, fox, coyote, who knows what over the years, our fortress has held steadfast.

Yet we lost Little in the fray before I could get there, and buried her this morning under the Grand Fir where they take their dust baths of a sunny afternoon, hold their gab fests, poke fun at Rusty Boy their rooster. And today we'll re-refortify. And hold what's dear. 


  1. So sorry for your loss of Little. (((S)))

    1. thank you. She is the only one we have raised from an egg. Her mother was the 9 year old banty I mentioned earlier this year.

  2. I too am sorry to hear of the loss of a Loved One. Loss is loss, and it hurts. (((S)))


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