Wednesday, July 21, 2021


 Animism Tarot ~ Knight of Swords

The Greyhound, focused, going like the wind, giving his all to achieve it. 

I'd never call myself a Knight or a Greyhound, but I am focused on moving my life along, living each day each day as if it were my last, planning on living forever. Seems to be working. I think. Probably...


  1. Each new day is a new page in my life book, to fill with wonder, joy, and appreciation.

  2. Glad to hear for both of you. I am stuck in the starting gate.

  3. I have been stuck for awhile, wondering if I don't just enough the muck since I am not doing much about it.

    1. I consider those times refilling the well.. we don't always have to be actively Doing, sometimes we are actively Sitting.


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