Sunday, July 18, 2021

Set Upon

 Animism Tarot ~ 5 of Wands

Many 5 of Wands show representations of a more structured manner of settling disputes, learning to communicate to avoid strife. This little guy seems set upon, and triggered my support the underdog chord.

But is he? Is he being bullied or harassed or endangered or is he being menaced by some hanging fronds and is it all in his mind? When we are little this sometimes seems the case because everyone else is bigger, louder, stronger and our self-defense mechanisms are on hair trigger.  Our 5 of Wands times gives us opportunity to learn how to cope and react, organize our mindset in a healthy way. I wish this little guy all success on his journey. 


  1. Sometimes, it really is all in our head. But then again, our thoughts can become our reality. Menacing, those Five of Wands.

    1. Our thoughts become our reality. True said. We have to get out of our own brain.

  2. Those menacing shadows can be convincing illusions at times.


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