Thursday, November 4, 2021

Fear Bigly

 Shaman's Oracle ~ Dancer of Fear

After four+ years of exhaustive never ending caregiving, my friend Joan made the decision to move her husband into professional care last month. Married sixty years, but no longer a unit, a set, a team. Tied but solitary. 

Having been a caregiver to the point of delirium and blackouts, I understand, I wish she had been able to do it sooner for her own sake. But now the actuality of it keeps circling my brain and heart. 

And I fear this potential eventuality. Fear it Bigly. 


  1. Key word is 'potential.' There is no certainty - sometimes the end is sudden and unexpected. (((S)))

  2. I was going to say tell Joan I am thinking of her, then I remembered I have her address. Such a heartbreaking decision.


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