Saturday, November 6, 2021

Life From A Position Of Strength

 Shaman's Oracle ~ Hunter of Strength

Today we are going to the family plot. It will be different from the last nine years. Two or three months later than usual. My collage therapy this year has managed to shave off some of the boulder of grief I've carried for my little sister, and returned in some part the mother I loved who raised me, and distance the mother with dementia who became the shouting specter of nightmares. 

So instead of scrub buckets, weeding, placing flowers, and general ripping grief, we are taking donuts and coffee and will spend a some time visiting. My dad will be proud of the rock garden I've amassed and Rob's dad may have an idea about the Kubota, and will be amazed at how well the Merry Tiller runs. Maybe I can even explain to Hazel why I'm so angry with her...but probably not. And I should ask mother's advice and thoughts about moving Grandma there from Aberdeen, something I've wanted to do for years. 

Then to the Montesano library sale hunting collage material, on to Cabela's in Olympia to spend some of Rob's credit on treats for him, where we will have our  picnic sandwiches. Hunting life from a position of Strength. 


  1. What a long way you have come in a year, my friend. It couldn't have happened without your ongoing effort and determination. Sounds like a wonderful day you two have planned. I'd love to go to a library sale!

  2. they are quite common out here, they usually have them once or twice a year. When I could still read books I leave with two grocery sacks full ;) Today I'm hoping for magazine and picture books. Who knows, it's an adventure! (Carolyn, I just turned over my rock (: )

  3. Sounds like a lovely Fall excursion day. I am driving to my sister's -20 minutes or so from here and then her, her husband, and I are taking a leisurely drive to enjoy the Fall foliage and stop at the Overlook restaurant an hour farther west to enjoy lunch overlooking the Ohio River.


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