Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Pile Of Puppies

 Tao Oracle ~ Hexagram 22

Blue. Kimono. I didn't get up mad. But I look at this outfit and have to wonder what man designed it? To dress a woman in a manner that she is unable to mow a lawn, ride a bike, play tennis, roll around with a puppy? An outfit designed to keep a woman in one place. Muted life. 

I look at magazine spreads of various homes and think no one really lives here. There is no kleenex and ipad on the coffee table, no coffee cups on the kitchen counters, no shrubs that need trimmed, no combs and brushes and lotions in the bathroom. These are not lived in loved homes, just sets of remarkable ways to spend money. To keep up with the Jones which will never happen, there is always another Jones who is richer, more famous, more subscribers. 

But perhaps I do live in a state of Grace because these are just passing thoughts, I don't dwell there fuming. Mostly just laughing because I'm happy I chose to make different decisions, follow a different path. Decisions someone else might happily do differently. But I'll say, there is nothing like rolling on the lawn with a pile of puppies to realize there is a state of Grace. 


  1. A roomy kimono might make a nice bathrobe to sit around and drink coffee in each morning. :)

  2. Thankfully we are all different. Makes for an interesting life.

    1. I'd add neckties to the whose idea was this pile too...weird.


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