Thursday, November 11, 2021

Shades Of Strength

 Majestic Earth Tarot ~ Strength

I thought that might be elephant tusks on the side but an examination of other paintings in this series reveals them to be cactus husks, maybe Mexican Fence Post or Organ Pipe. And I'd forgotten lions are the only cat family that stays together, as a Pride, from a couple to sometimes forty. 

A friend has been on my mind, they are packing up and moving east after a lifetime in the Pacific Northwest. I asked if leaving her only grandson, now two, would be hard and she said she'd only be allowed to see him one time, through a car window. I'm thinking about us, me reaching backward to pull family together because there is nothing going forward. Takes Strength in a lot of different shades to survive this world doesn't it? 

Lion and Lioness, Wilhelm Kuhnert 1865-1926


  1. I guess both leaving and gathering require fortitude.

  2. Sad really. I never knew a grandfather. Would it have made a difference? I wonder. Both grandmothers were embittered women, maybe that is why their husbands left, or their leaving made them acrimonious.

    1. happy families, are there any? Probably not if humans are involved, but there can be peaceful ones, or understanding ones, or...


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