Tuesday, November 2, 2021

World In A Word

 Shaman's Oracle ~ Spirit of Love

Love, a world in a word. Purists would say something not alive or capable of loving back can't be loved. Phooey on them, I love trees and rocks and my computer and fabric and glass and jewelry and fountain pens and lightbulbs and snakes and feathers and books and paint and paper and tablecloths and dishes and little house and big home and yard and fireplace and sticky notes and incense and barns and Midsomer Murders and tractors and beautifully crafted tools, tea and coffee and chickens and cows and dragons and unicorns and candles. 

A world in a word, I could go on all day. 

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  1. Deep appreciation that leads us to care for and protect the object of our attention - love is so much more than just the valentine type!


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